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Abstract Solutions
Abstract Solutions provide world class consulting, training and software tools to help organisations improve their systems and software engineering process. Our expertise has enabled our customers to reduce the cost and lead time for delivering real-time embedded software systems. To achieve this, our principle consultants each have 20+ years experience of assisting blue chip organisations implement a lightweight model driven process for the design of embedded software systems.



Applied Dynamics International
Applied Dynamics International (ADI) provides state-of-the art software and hardware tools to the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries to design and test embedded control systems. In addition, our services team develops highly specialized solutions, tailored to meet your customers´ unique and demanding needs.



Lemma 1 provides consultancy in software engineering. We specialise in tools and methods for applying formal, mathematical, methods for specifying, designing and verifying critical software systems. We can also undertake software development in a range of programming languages and operating environments.

D-RisQ Limited

Malvern Hills Science Park

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United Kingdom
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Company Number: 7754903

What we do?

With a wide experience in analysis of complex systems and software across many sectors ranging from embedded systems to IT, safety and security critical systems, automotive, aerospace, robotics and many others, D-RisQ has developed huge experience from which to build automated formal analysis tools.

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